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We are specialist designers and installers of indoor and outdoor reinforced concrete luxury swimming pools with tiled finish. As far as pool shell is concerned, we can use poured in place concrete or unite and offer various alternatives to ordinary tiles as well.

We design and install swimming pools for private clients, schools, hotels, builders, pool contractors and architects.In particular, in the mechanical services to serve indoor and outdoor pools and spas. We can as such advise at a very early stage on the special requirements for the pool, pool plant and the environmental control and heat recovery systems essential for indoor pools.

We prepare initial design drawings that include the pool design and specifications with all diagrams and details for layout, profiles, gradients, shell fittings, plumbing, filtration, electrical, heating, ventilation and water features. The excavation for pool & ducting and preparation of sound base for the pool to rest on is usually done by the main contractor. We then come in to place the concrete shell and finish the pool with tiles, pebbles or any other agreed finish. The pool shell fittings like main sumps, inlets etc are installed during the course of shell construction. Carefully sized water pipes and under floor ducts for pool hall air are run to the plant room (provided by others) and various water treatment and air heating equipment installed. The pool is than filled up, heated to required temperature and water balanced before handing over. We provide detailed manuals complete with as installed drawings for customers reference and records. If required, as is in the cases where the pool shell is a part of the building or building foundation, we are happy to work on a concrete shell provided by the main contractor. Needless to say, we do need to be involved in such projects right from the beginning so that integral pool fittings can be placed in the shell as required.
Because every swimming pool we do is unique and specially designed for a particular customer keeping his or her needs in consideration, it is almost impossible to provide a price list. But the initial consultation is free and we calculate an estimate after working out the basics of project. That budget figure is yours to consider and go ahead if you feel comfortable with it.
When you decide to build your home, do you go to a building materials supplier, a hardware store or an electrical goods supplier? Or do you contact bricklayers, plumbers or electricians? None, but an architect or a specialist interior designer. So it makes little sense in approaching a general contracting company for designing and building a swimming pool.
A typical residential swimming pool is 12' to 20' wide and 24' to 40' long. Depth is 3' at the shallow end and about 5' at the deep end. But it also depends on the intended use, budget, location, planning etc.
In a word, no. You are not limited to the designs or shapes we show on our site. Our design engineers can produce a set of plans even from a sketch or photograph. Almost any pool shape can be sized and designed to fit your property, or your specifications.